7 Daily Self Care Habits

to Make you Less Fuck-With-Able

By Courtney Ashworth


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What do you mean these habits will make me less fuck-with-able? 

That’s right, less fuck-with-able. It’s a word, I promise.

And if you are feeling burnt out by your diet, your habits, routines, relationships, and lifestyle, then lets face it - you have become fuck-with-able. This guide is here to help. 

This guide provides you with my idea of the 7 foundational habits for self-care. I want to be straight-forward: these are all simple habits, but they are NOT easy. 

My suggestion is to download this list and save it, scan through and pick your top 3 you feel most drawn to currently. Write them down and commit to make intentional effort on each every day. Know that consistency is key and remember to be kind to yourself in this process. 

Let your self-love practices become about relating to yourself with kindness, patience, and compassion. 

Who is this list for:

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Your wellness routine is no longer bringing you joy

You are out of touch with your current wellness routine, or do not have one at all. You have been putting everyone's needs ahead of your own personal care.

You feel uninspired or burnt out by fad diets and over-exercising mentality, because you know you are worthy of so much more when it comes to how you care for yourself.

I believe in going beyond fear-based dogma and finding answers in science, and this list serves as an introduction to what that looks like.

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You are fit-ish and mostly healthy, but still feel like s**t inside 

Yep, I called you out, and this is for you. This list can support you even if are well-informed on diet and exercise and checking all the boxes every week. If you are eating well and training hard - and still experience fatigue, anxiety, overwhelm, brain fog, weakened immune system, or digestive issues - then it is definitely time for some an intentional look at your self-care and self-love routine. 

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You feel great but always know there is room for more growth

I know many people who will land on this page likely take a lot of pride and ownership in how they care for their mind and body.

These are the same people who always know there is more to learn and love to experiment.

I believe you may be able to find something helpful on this list as well and would love to hear what stands out to you as something new or surprising. 

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About the Author

Courtney is an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach, specializing in Mental Well-Being, supporting clients through 1:1 coaching and in group offerings, with a focus on developing intuitive practices around nutrition, movement, and self-love, to build mind, body, and spirit wellness.

As a sociologist, Courtney believes the health of the collective and the health of the individual is deeply interwoven, and that wellness is within reach for every body.  

It's time to step into your worth.